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Time flies...

13 years. That's insa-- oh wait, that's the other site.

I really need to find a good program to back up all this. IDK if I'd ever want to read it again, but it'd be useful in putting together my medical history if nothing else.
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I just might be coming back.

Supposedly, people who keep a journal are happier. Why not do it here? We'll see what happens in the next week or so. Not that my life is earth-shattering, but I do like keeping track of the little things, especially since my memory is getting worse and worse.
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8 days till my sendspace expires!

8 days left till my sendspace expires, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be renewing it, so have at my files! Lots of 60s & 70s rock, American Idol, some 80s stuff, some weird & random, including "gentle ocean" nature sounds, George Carlin comedy, Charles Bukowski poetry, and Cthulhu holiday carols. 99% mp3

Albums & collections, all zipped. 127 files
Songs 485 files
Classical & Opera 38 files, most album size zip files

some other artists included are:
A.R.E. Weapons, Amanda Overmyer, American Idol, Big Wreck, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Black Lab, Blur, Bo Bice, David Bowie, David Cook, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Guns N Roses, Janis Joplin, Magnetic Fields, Ryan Star, Tenacious D, The Doors, Vanessa Paradis, Visible From Space, Wham, Mozart
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where to start? where to continue?

I haven't been journaling much at all, much of anywhere, but there are good things that I really want to remember. It's just so much work to write them all down. I haven't been writing at all, except for in class exercises a couple times a month and some quickie journal entry every few weeks.

I got to say hi to a couple pugs last week. Yeah, that was a highlight of my week.

Millie & Walter, my new (adopted October 2nd) cats are a lot of fun, providing great shows of chasing each other.

I've been building some meatspace friendships, some new ones, some old ones, and that's very important to me. Nothing wrong with online friendships, but I really need physical presence sometimes, and to get myself out of the house, more out of my own private cloud.

Not getting as much sex or affection as I'd like, but at least I'm getting some, and I'm grateful and happy about that.

I don't want to lose any more friends from failure to cross the street, to paraphrase Virginia Woolf. So I'm crossing streets more often.

I've been angsting about what to write, literary or genre, and what to write about. This is all just an elaborate mechanism to put off writing, I'm sure.
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Can you provide a good home for some poor orphaned music?! Most of these I uploaded a while ago, then they never got downloaded for some reason -- I forgot to give the links to friends, or they forgot to go download the songs, or songs never got posted anywhere. Anyway, it's all good stuff (of course!) so I hope someone will want some! Comments appreciated but not necessary. All on sendspace.

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More music!

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Music time again!

I'll probably have a lot to post in the next few days, as my sendspace account runs out in 77 days -- but you have until then to grab them, and please do, because IF I get enough points, I'll get some free time, yay!

Boston ~ More Than a Feeling
The Clash ~ Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
Cream (including Eric Clapton) ~ Sunshine of Your Love
Derek & the Dominoes (including Eric Clapton) ~ Layla
Journey ~ Anyway You Want It
The Kinks ~ Lola
KISS ~ Strutter
John Mayer ~ My Stupid Mouth
John Mayer ~ Your Body Is A Wonderland
(The Pogues are an Irish band who do a lot of traditional Irish songs (plus their own stuff), a lot of it in a kind of punk rock style)
The Pogues and Sinead O'Connor ~ Haunted
The Pogues and the Dubliners ~ Whiskey in the Jar
The Pogues ~ Beer, Beer, Beer
The Pogues ~ Love You Till the End (not really a punk song)
U2 ~ Mysterious Ways
U2 ~ Salome
Rabid Wombat!

Dangerous equation

Bipolar disorder + sudden manic urge to try knitting & crocheting again = humongous spree at Smiley's.

And I do mean humongous. "How the hell does a person spend that much on YARN?!" the non-fiber artist asks. "How the hell does a person spend that much at SMILEY's?!" the out-of-the-acrylic ghetto fiber artist asks. (For those not afflicted with my tastes & desires, Smiley's is an online deep discount yarn outlet that carries mostly lower end yarn, most of it $1.00 - $2.99 per ball. Kind of the Pic N Save of yarn.) So humongous that I'm embarrassed to say just how humongous, and I don't get embarrassed over things like that. At least I was responsible about it: it didn't put me into debt and I won't have to feed my Pug deep discount dog food for the next year. He'll get a sweater out of it eventually.

The problem is of course that my yarn won't be here for a week or two. What do I do till then?! If I don't start knitting NOW, the urge is likely to go away. I know this from too many years' experience of getting excited about doing something, then spending far too much time (not to mention money) reading about it and buying supplies, rather than actually DOING it. I am a believer in reading instructions -- that's how my brain works best anyway -- but I already know how to knit, and a little refresher with some online instructions and a clean plastic pair of chopsticks was all I needed to remember the basics (which were all I ever knew in the first place).

Wait a minute... where did the yarn to do the chopstick knitting come from? Um... well... some of it was in Wal-Mart bags tucked in corners of my living room and "storage room", a few with WIPs (works in progress) attached. Some was in... abigboxinmygaragefromSmiley'swithaninvoicedatedJanuary2004.

See, I needed knitting needles. My WIPs are all crochet, and I really want to knit, since it's more versatile, and I really want to make legwear. Legwarmers. Thigh-high socks. Slippers for the hub (we've been married 17 years, but I ain't risking anything by making him upper body wear).

A trip to Wal-Mart for knitting needles is a nonfeasible option for me, as I have arthritis in hips and knees and thus great difficulty walking. Sending the hub would put huge stress on the poor man, even if I told him EXACTLY what to get, including size, material, and brand, AND showed him pictures of the packages from online shopping sites. Doing that kind of shopping is just not one of his skills. I'm exceedingly grateful that he does the grocery shopping, so I don't push it.

A dear friend (also a fiber artist [and almost every other kind of artist, too] ) offered to get me the needed items at her local store and send them to me via Priority Mail, thus keeping me from the perilous peril of the Temptation of Yarn. A very sweet gesture, but she's sort of the one who got me thinking of fiber again, partly by showing me the Most Adorable Rainbow-y Tiny Baby Socks in the world, and also a baby cap made of big thick chenille. TINY COLORFUL SOCKS!!! Who wouldn't be tempted, I ask you?

In the meantime, I have nearly finished a large scarf that was 3/4s of the way done when I uncovered it the other day ... and also found many MANY online yarn stores and websites and blogs, oh my! I was saved by the same friend from buying new knitting books on Amazon, since she just bought the main one I was thinking of buying (Big Girl Knits), so I will wait for her review before buying books. Besides, even though I really do prefer Real Live Books to reading things onscreen (such tree-hating, inflexible Philistine-Luddite, I know), things like Knitty and yarnharlot and yarnboy are just so cool that they'll keep me busy for awhile. I had no clue that today's knitters were all so witty, and such good writers! Damn! Now I have to envy that about them, too.

It's getting cold in this room, which means it's a good time to get up and close the window and grab the scarf to finish working on it, then wrap it around my shoulders.
Yoda kicks ass

Because I need to have something good for once

Photos of winners in the Washington Post's Marshmallow Peeps Diorama contest. Yes, really. They're awesome.

Star Wars U.S. postage stamps coming soon! (maybe it's so we'll concentrate on them, not on the rate increase to 41 cents in the middle of this month.) They're mostly Episode IV-VI subjects, thank goodness! You can also vote for which of the dozen (or is it 15?) you want to be the special stand alone stamp. My votes go to Yoda, of course. He rocks the free universe.